Let's Learn Mathematics Together

Uczmy się Matematyki Razem - Partnerskie Projekty Szkół

Projekt LLMT obejmuje sześć szkół z sześciu krajów: Bułagrii, Litwy, Polski, Rumunii, Słowacji i Turcji.



COMENIUS Multilateral school partnerships

Lets Learn Maths Together

This Comenius project is directed to the co-operation between 6 schools based on the mathematics content. It's aimed to the  students from 10 to 15 years old and their teachers.  The children will be involved in different common activities by using interactive method of learning.  Each school  creates math problems about their own country (everyday life, history, geography, traditions and other) and will send them for solving to the other schools. After each problem sending we will discuss the results.  Students can send support material about the problems- drawings, photos, diagrams, pictures, origami, solids and others. Some of those activities will be carrying out in the compulsory lessons and the other in extracurricular work.   Students will be motivated to find the use of math everyday life by talking with parents, neighbors, elderly people. The activities of students will be stimulated by using ICT, funny facts or problems and competitions. As result of this common work we will elaborate a set of math problems.

The problems will be at three levels of difficulty:

  • elementary for the student without interest;
  • intermediate for the compulsory math content about class work (biggest part of the students);
  • upper intermediate for the students with high interest in math (extracurricular work);

Teachers will exchange information about the educational systems and math curriculum as well as lesson plans, videos with  interactive  methods, methodical ideas creating better conditions for learning mathematics.

We hope that students will  increase their math abilities and will find new friends, will widen their views of the world by developing new tolerant attitudes and wiping off stereotypes. Both students and teachers will develop and increase European dimension.

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Средно общообразователно училище с изучаване на чужди езици "Св. Климент Охридски" - Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria,www.fllschool.org

Liceul Internațional de Informatică Bucuresti - Bucharest, Romania, www.ichb.ro

Orhangazi İlköğretim Okulu - Istanbul, Turkey, www.orhangazi.k12.tr

Základná škola, Belehradská 21 - Košice, Slovakia, www.zsbelehradska.sk

Lazdijų rajono savivaldybės Veisiejų gimnazija - Veisiejai, Lithuania, http://www.veisiejai.lm.lt

Zespół Szkół nr 10 im. prof. Stefana Banacha, Gimnazjum nr 11 w Toruniu - Toruń, Poland, www.xlo.torun.pl

Our students from bilingual class learn about partner’s school, town and coutries.


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